Learning goals: Week 2

Hello parents!

This week we are picking up the pace as we really start working on second grade curriculum! I am going to make it a habit to share our learning goals with you for each subject area.

Reading: Sequence of Events. Today we began discussing how the sequence of events in a story is important and how without it a story doesn’t make sense. This week we are working on defining and being comfortable with the terminology.

Math: Automatic recall of math facts. For the first few weeks we are really focusing on reviewing addition and subtraction fact strategies such as “Doubles and Near Doubles,” “Making a Ten”, “Adding in any Order”, and “Adding more than 2 numbers.” Mad minute math sheets may come home to practice fact fluency. It’s so important for students to build automatic recall of their basic facts before they move into 2-digit addition and subtraction.

Science: Today we started learning about the Moon and its phases! A major point for students to recognize is that the light we see from the moon is actually the sun’s light being reflected. Another important idea is that the moon doesn’t physically change shape, but the amount of light and shadow we see changes. This week we will be building a moon phase model with oreos! Look out for the Instagram photos!

Writing: We are continuing to build our idea library in the back of our writer’s notebook and will have our first long write this week.

This Thursday we will be having our first lunch bunch to discuss our lunch Book Club.

Let’s have a wonderful week!